Magdalen College Dining Hall

In January 2018 Patina was approached by Magdalen College to assist with the rehanging of artworks in the main dining hall after major restoration to the roof, walls and wood panelling.

During the building works the paintings had been put into long term storage. One of our most important responsibilities was to ensure that the hanging fittings were upgraded to make them more secure. We were also given the task of ordering and attaching new transparent Correx backboards to each painting before hanging as specified by the conservator. Patina worked closely with the new lighting engineers as each painting had to be hung twice to allow the new lighting system to be put into place.

This project was the winner of the Oxford Preservation Trust award. *

With thanks to:

Robert Langley, the College Surveyor, Magdelen College, Oxford.

Jane Eagan, Head Conservator, Oxford Conservation Consortium.

*  The Oxford Preservation Trust recognises thoughtful development that protects historic buildings and green open spaces.

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Magdalen College Dining Hall


Magdalen College