Langlands and Bell
'Frozen Sky' 1999

We were initially asked to carry out some maintenance on this neon installation because dirt had built up on the neon elements and dark streaks had appeared on the white painted background.

We made contact with specialist neon conservator Susan Shepherd, who had been involved in the original fabrication of the artwork, in order to remove the elements from the painted background and clean the neon and painted parts. 

Some years later the artwork was moved from its original location and we were asked to carry out a deep clean and to restore the white painted background for its new display. We worked with Susan to remove the elements and clean all glass and electrical elements thoroughly to ensure that the artwork did not pose a fire risk. Each neon element was carefully mapped and labelled to ensure that the installation could be correctly installed at its destination before packing. The white painted background had become marked with soot once again and remained patchy even after cleaning. We therefore decided to source the original paint and roller type used in its fabrication, with the approval of the client, so that it could be restored to its original pristine white appearance. This was divided into two parts for transportation. 

When it reached its new home the white background was reassembled, filled and repainted. The individual neon elements were then carefully reattached, one by one.

With thanks to:

Susan Shepherd, specialist neon conservator, who made this treatment possible.

Julia Nagle for her assistance in cleaning the painted surface at the original venue.

conservation restoration  restoration cleaning and repair 


Langlands and Bell


'Frozen Sky' 1999