Keble College Dining Hall Restoration

In October 2018 Patina was approached by Keble College to remove all the paintings from its dining hall during major restoration works. This also provided an opportunity for the paintings and frames to be restored. The project required all the paintings and frames to be condition checked and surveyed by Patina conservators to ascertain which works required the most treatment. Patina’s art handling team travelled to the college and unhung, wrapped and labelled for transport all 28 paintings on display. Once this had been completed all the works were collected and driven to a secure art handling warehouse.

Prior to conservation treatment Patina unfitted the designated artworks from their frames so that the paintings and frames could be sent out to the respective conservators.

After treatment Patina rewrapped the artworks at the conservators’ studios and refitted the paintings into their frames so that they could be transported back to Keble College.

In April 2019 Patina rehung the last painting in the dining hall.

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Keble College Dining Hall Restoration


Keble College