Ju Ming
'Taichi Series – Single Whip Dip' 1986

This bronze sculpture is owned by Hongkong Land and is currently displayed in the Forum outside the Landmark Building in Central Hong Kong. Over the years the high levels of humidity and pollution in Hong Kong had caused the surface of this sculpture to acquire an unsightly streaked and weathered appearance.

Together with our fellow sculpture conservator colleagues from the company Two Sticks in New York we were asked to undertake a treatment to improve its condition as part of an overall refurbishment of the Forum area.  

The sculpture was removed from site and treated in a large warehouse facility in Kowloon while the building work took place. The surface was cleaned and some local repatination was carried out. During treatment we discovered that there was a large quantity of water trapped within the interior of the cast. This sometimes happens as a result of cycling humidity when air is drawn through pores in the bronze and condensation takes place. We drilled small holes in unobtrusive areas on the undersides of the sculpture in order to drain the water out and prevent it from accumulating in future. The sculpture was then given several coats of wax to help give it some protection from weathering. It has since been reinstalled in the Forum and is currently on display there.

With thanks to:

Roger Griffith of Two Sticks Inc. for project management and collaboration with treatment.

Sherry Wong, Senior Procurement and Compliance manager, Hongkong Land Ltd for all her help in organising this project.

Sally Bowling, Christopher Moore and Reinhard Bek for assistance with treatment.

Lixia Adamcova for translation and practical assistance.

The Team at Gammon, Kowloon, for their help in handling and moving the sculpture at the warehouse.

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Ju Ming


'Taichi Series – Single Whip Dip' 1986


Hongkong Land


Hong Kong