Collection of Berkeley Castle

Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire, dates back to the 11th century. It is open to the public but is also a home for the Berkeley family whose ancestors have lived there since the late 12th century. The castle is a popular wedding venue and is also used as a location for television and film productions. During one such film schedule, the Great Hall was fully booked for weddings at weekends and for filming during the week.

The weddings required the paintings and tapestries in the Great Hall to be in place, but the filming required these important artworks to be removed for their protection. During the film schedule over a period of eight weekends Patina was asked to unhang the paintings and tapestries after each wedding for filming to take place. It was then necessary to rehang them immediately after filming for the next planned wedding. This required our teams to begin work late at night after each wedding and work through to the early hours to complete the work. 

As part of the process we were able to examine hanging fittings and to improve them as necessary to ensure that the works would be safely hung for the future. 

With thanks to:

The Berkeley family. 

Joshua Nash. 

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Collection of Berkeley Castle