Antony Micallef
'The Idol Kids of Today' 2007

As part of the GlaxoSmithKline Contemporary Season, the Lazarides Gallery commissioned Patina to arrange the installation of artworks by Antony Micallef for the Royal Academy in London. These works comprised a large canvas ‘Parasite’ 2008, which was to be installed within the gallery, and four nickel-plated bronze sculptures, ‘The Idol Kids of Today – Weapon Face’, ‘Game Boy’, ‘The Beginning of the End’ and ‘Burger Boy’ 2007, which were installed along the back portico.

As the sculptures would be exposed in an outdoor context the concern for public safety, given the impossibility of continuous invigilation, was a priority. We arranged for steel plates to be custom fitted for the sculpture bases; these were fabricated in advance of the installation to provide secure weighted fixings to the original stone paving. The sculptures were craned into position on the portico and Patina technicians assembled them in the presence of the artist, Antony Micallef. Our sculpture conservator worked alongside Antony to carefully clean the sculptures and assist in securing parts vulnerable to theft.

Our technicians stretched and installed the ‘Parasite’ canvas within the gallery as it was too large for the gallery entrance. After the display our technical team deinstalled all the works. Our conservation team then worked on the sculptures to remove accretions and restore them back to their original brilliant appearance, following three months of exposure to London weathering.

With thanks to:

Mtec for their assistance with the installation of the outdoor sculptures. 

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Antony Micallef


'The Idol Kids of Today' 2007


Royal Academy