Various artists
Exhibitions at Lazarides Gallery

Patina has installed a number of exhibitions for the Lazarides Gallery in London. Featured artists have included Jonathan Yeo, JR, Conor Harrington, Paul Insect, Miranda Donovan, FAILE, Lucy McLauchlan, Ben Turnbull and David Choe.

Over the years we have transformed commercial and industrial spaces to create exciting and unusual surroundings for the display of art. The ‘Lost in Glimmering Shadows’ exhibition at Lilian Baylis Old School, Lambeth, in November 2008, showcased works by artist collective FAILE, including freestanding rotating prayer wheels, circular disc paintings and the white marble sculpture ‘Bunny Boy’ 2007. Patina technicians worked from artists’ plans to transform the school assembly hall, painting 400 square metres of wall space and blacking out skylights to create a dark backdrop for these bold, graphic works. 

The Paul Insect ‘Poison’ exhibition was installed within a former bathhouse in Kings Cross. Patina technicians constructed plinths and painted the spaces to display Insect’s painted bronze sculptures ‘Skelli Table’ 2008 and twelve ‘Bunny Girls’ 2008 along with a number of framed paintings and prints.

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Various artists


Exhibitions at Lazarides Gallery


Lazarides Gallery