Installations & Exhibition Services

Patina’s specialist staff have the expertise and the sensitivity to handle all types of artwork, and are used to working with museums, galleries, local authorities and private collectors.

Patina can provide specialist advice on the best methods of installing, presenting and caring for works of art, finding creative solutions where needed.

Installation and exhibition services include:

  • Installation of all artworks including paintings, works on paper, sculpture and objects, installations and electronic media
  • Case design and packing for international shipping
  • Arranging photography for catalogues and collections
  • Canvas stretching and rolling
  • Construction for exhibition displays
  • Soft-wrapping artworks for transit and storage
  • Advice on security, preservation and protection of artworks on display
  • Government indemnity approved hanging fittings
  • Framing
  • Mount making
  • Plinth fabrication
  • Couriering for national and international loans
  • Sourcing suitable storage facilities

Please call us: we are happy to arrange a site visit to assess your needs.